“Your nurses were very thorough and took their time explaining things to me, and I learned a lot from the visits. They made me feel remarkably comfortable and were very kind, patient and gentle.”



Berks VNA offers the most comprehensive home health care and hospice services in Berks County and the surrounding region. And we’ve done so for over a century.

Building on our foundation of care and compassion, Berks VNA services include:

Comprehensive physical, social and environmental assessments, and case management
Care plan development
Individualized teaching and treatment programs
Discharge planning
Client and caregiver support

Since our founding in 1909 we have constantly added services to make life more comfortable for patients and their families. Rest assured, as medical technology continues to advance, Berks VNA will continue to add new services that will enable us to accomplish our mission: to identify and provide access to home and community-based health care related services with a focus on helping individuals achieve a level of physical and emotional well-being and independence in their home of choice.