Speech Therapy

A Berks VNA Speech/Language Pathologist evaluates and treats speech/language and swallowing disorders. A speech/language pathologist is also qualified to provide voice therapy, cognitive therapy, aural rehabilitation for the hearing impaired, as well as training in the use of alternative communication devices.

Specialized Services

Vital Stiumulation Therapy

Vital Stiumulation Therapy is a new, FDA approved modality for the treatment of dysphagia/swallowing problems. This modality provides external neuromuscular electrical stimulation to the neck area, in conjunction with functional swallowing exercises provided by the Speech/Language Pathologist, to re-educate and strengthen weakened swallowing muscles. While traditional dysphagia/swallowing therapy compensates for lost functions, Vital Stimulation Therapy can actually improve function. Vital Stimulation can only be administered by a Speech/Language Pathologist that has been certified in Vital Stimulation.

Who may benefit from Speech Therapy

Individuals with:
Stroke, head injury or other neurological disease
Voice disorders
Hearing impairment
Cognitive impairment
Difficulty understanding, speaking, or swallowing

How to Start Services

A family doctor or specialist needs to approve home health services and contact us to request speech therapy services. Call 610-378-0481.

In order to qualify for home health rehabilitation services, the patient must have a condition or disability that precludes him or her from leaving the home or that requires a great deal of assistance.